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As Seen In...Part I

Carrie Jung

It's always a little exciting to see your work in print (especially when you didn't print it yourself ;) )

Ok, so we're a little late to the game for the photo above, but we wanted to mention that our "Taking Flight" quilt made it into the Spring edition of Quilts and More this past year. Yay! And we also feel like it's worth mentioning that this quilt almost didn't happen!!!

You know the saying "necessity is the mother of invention" well, that was very much the case with Taking Flight. The pattern was born about two years ago because we wanted to bring a quilt to Spring Market to pitch to magazines. There was just one small problem...our Flora line would not be printed on fabric in time for market.

At first, this minor detail seemed like a deal breaker, but not to be discouraged, my mom realized that we did have a few strikeoffs (or 5" x 4" sample fabric squares) that we could work with, and that may be just enough fabric to make an awesome quilt...which it totally did. And, as it happened...Quilts & More thought so too.

We were also pretty stoked to see that pattern designer, April Rosenthal, used our entire Flora line to show off her new bedspread pattern called Parcheesi.

April also has a blog post about the pattern (which I think is totally hilarious and definitely worth reading) sharing a little more about her inspiration, why she loves tiny squares, and why this quilt ended up with a name like Parcheesi. Awesome pattern, April! (and we humbly think the Flora line was a great choice for this quilt)

And while paroozing the books in Barnes and Noble the other day we were pleasantly surprised to find author Kathreen Ricketson used our Botany line to show off her Sunny Day Mat pattern. What a cool idea!

(More views of the book...and Lauren getting creative in her choice of poses. I'm sure her neighbors now think she's slightly crazy)

Pretty cool, huh? We'll be posting more examples in the near future, so stay tuned!

Australian Quilters Companion


This month we were featured in TWO sections,
as well as on the cover of an Australian quilt magazine!
(see above)

The first section showcases a quilt that uses one of our earlier fabric lines, Botany. It's designed by Liz Pinczewski and quilted by her friend, Adri, a professional long arm quilter... both from Australia. The quilt is called Coco's Midnight Garden... named after her dog, Coco. (We're all over the "quilts named after pets" idea... my mom once designed a quilt that we have hanging up in our studio named Rudy Rules... after our sweet boy, Rudy.)

Liz has a super cute write-up about the whole experience on her blog, Quilterie.

Her quilt design is a nice modern take on the traditional Log Cabin block, and it's especially great because it requires only 1 jelly role... plus batting, backing, and some dark background fabric... which is awesome... jelly roles definitely make it possible to use an entire line of fabric without completely breaking the bank!

The second article that we're in is actually a write-up... ON US! Entitled "Meet the Jungs: Lauren and Jessi". And as far as write-ups go, this covers everything... each of our backgrounds, our start-up, the team dynamics, our first two fabric lines, plus, about ten photos of various projects we've done using these two lines. It's absolutely unbelievable... And really, a bit surreal... and we both couldn't be happier with it!

(This magazine is published in Australia, however it's available here in the US at various book stores as well as Amazon... but I haven't seen this particular issue yet.... probably later on this summer.)

Almost Famous + Carrie and Jon Get a Camera


Why "Almost Famous" you ask? Well...we were just featured in the Summer edition of Quilts and More! Which is awesome...
So go get one!

You can find our article entitled "Made in the Shade" on page 78... and it includes both the instructions and diagrams needed to make our Lamp Quilt that we submitted to them a few months ago...

And then for the second half of this entry...
My sister, Carrie, has been promoted (within our little company)! To photographer...

(I've found that my day job really gets in the way of my extracurricular job because by the time I get home around 6:30... it's a little too dark for picture taking. So that's where Carrie comes in.)

As you can imagine, we are all really pumped that our lamp quilt was featured in a magazine. And true to Jung form, we wanted it well documented with copious amounts of pictures. Carrie gave it her best shot with her iphone, but it quickly became apparent that that wasn't going to cut it.... So she's now the proud new owner of a Sony a390... which she LOVES... and so does her husband, Jon, who's been fighting for a chance to experiment with it.... and in his free time he's been nerding things up with the instruction manual.

But I think they were very thorough, to say the least, with the the shots that they sent over...

(See above picture of Carrie pretending to be a hobo.)

I think this would qualify as "thinking outside of the box". Ha.

(And if you also direct your attention to the second set of photos... the magazine spreads were photographed in a bush... while, very cleverly, sitting "in the shade"...)

Get it?

Like the magazine title?