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As Seen In...Part I

Carrie Jung

It's always a little exciting to see your work in print (especially when you didn't print it yourself ;) )

Ok, so we're a little late to the game for the photo above, but we wanted to mention that our "Taking Flight" quilt made it into the Spring edition of Quilts and More this past year. Yay! And we also feel like it's worth mentioning that this quilt almost didn't happen!!!

You know the saying "necessity is the mother of invention" well, that was very much the case with Taking Flight. The pattern was born about two years ago because we wanted to bring a quilt to Spring Market to pitch to magazines. There was just one small problem...our Flora line would not be printed on fabric in time for market.

At first, this minor detail seemed like a deal breaker, but not to be discouraged, my mom realized that we did have a few strikeoffs (or 5" x 4" sample fabric squares) that we could work with, and that may be just enough fabric to make an awesome quilt...which it totally did. And, as it happened...Quilts & More thought so too.

We were also pretty stoked to see that pattern designer, April Rosenthal, used our entire Flora line to show off her new bedspread pattern called Parcheesi.

April also has a blog post about the pattern (which I think is totally hilarious and definitely worth reading) sharing a little more about her inspiration, why she loves tiny squares, and why this quilt ended up with a name like Parcheesi. Awesome pattern, April! (and we humbly think the Flora line was a great choice for this quilt)

And while paroozing the books in Barnes and Noble the other day we were pleasantly surprised to find author Kathreen Ricketson used our Botany line to show off her Sunny Day Mat pattern. What a cool idea!

(More views of the book...and Lauren getting creative in her choice of poses. I'm sure her neighbors now think she's slightly crazy)

Pretty cool, huh? We'll be posting more examples in the near future, so stay tuned!

Ya'll Are a Crafty Bunch

Carrie Jung

You know how we relentlessly ask you to send us photos of the projects you've made with our fabric...

Well, it turns out that many of you have actually done so. Some pretty cool stuff has been showing up in our inboxes recently, and we're really exited to share some of them with you today.

The first set of photos was sent to us by Corinna Hyde of Corinna Couture.

Corinna's name may sound familiar to many of you, as we have mentioned her on our blog before. Corinna is awesome because not only does she make and sell these adorable dresses and skirts, (check out her etsy shop) she was also kind enough to whip up some sample dresses for us out of our Birds and Berries line for use in our market booth.

I totally want one of these dresses, and I don't even have kids yet.

But the craftiness doesn't stop there. Feast your eyes on these little eggs...sent to us by Amanda Murphy of Amanda Murphy Designs.

Amanda used our Flora line to make her Easter Egg Table Topper come to life, which I think was a great decision...for obvious reasons.

You can view the whole table topper here...but wait there's more! This pattern is actually a free tutorial that she's posted on her website. She shared the directions in multiple posts, which can be found here, here, here, and here.

I love this pattern for a variety of reasons, but the most important is the fact that you can use your sewing machine to appliqué the eggs onto the background. I think this table topper may have to make an appearance on my next Easter table scape.

And last, but most certainly not least, we've got Laura Piland's "Bloom" quilt.

I love the vintage chic feel of this quilt. In fact it almost looks like something you could buy from Anthropologie. And the story behind this quilt is equally cool. Laura is new to the wonderful world of quilting, and by the looks of it, she's a natural. Anyway, she made this quilt for a friend who was moving to a new...very far away town as a reminder to always bloom where you are planted.

I melts your heart doesn't it. What a great friend!

Thanks again Corinna, Amanda, and Laura for sending us your awesome projects! We love seeing pictures of all the amazing and creative things that people are doing with the L+J fabrics.

I'll finish off the post with one last plea...Please send us photos of your projects! We know you're out there...and we know you're crafty. You can either e-mail us via our contact page on the website, or post it to our Facebook Fan Page. Thanks!

More From Corinna

Carrie Jung

My husband and I don't have kids yet...But when we do, I'm hoping we have at least one girl so that I can dress her up in one of Corinna's creations...

We couldn't resist sharing with you guys the Birds and Berries dresses that Corinna from Corinna Couture sent us for our booth at market. These little gems arrived in the mail yesterday... Being suckers for packaging, we were impressed even before we saw what she made. And I think it goes without saying that miss Corinna really outdid herself with these. They are beautiful, and we can't wait to show them off in our booth! And in typical Jung fashion, we took copious amounts of photos, but I think you can understand why this time... And if you happen to have a little girl that you think would look perfect in one of these dresses, Corinna is taking pre orders! You can find more photos and details on her Facebook page .

All Dressed Up

Carrie Jung

A few weeks ago...we had the pleasure of meeting a woman named Corinna!

And when I say meet, I mean we discovered each other through the wonders of Facebook.

You see, about two weeks ago, as I was checking our Facebook Fan Page for updates, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Corinna Hyde of Corinna Couture had shared some photos of her new summer dress line that feature our Flora fabric!

And if you can't already tell from the photos, Corinna is quite the talented children's dress maker (Mom and I have always had a solid respect for anyone who sews clothes...which are a little out of our sewing league). In fact, I almost wish some of her designs came in adult sizes too!

But really, Corinna's awesomeness goes beyond the fancy clothes she makes. Because, in addition to designing 4 of the dresses in her summer line around our Flora fabric, she has also generously offered to make a few dresses out of our new line, Birds & Berries, for display in our booth at market next week. Thanks Corinna!

And these pictures are just a sampling of Corinna's work! She has a Fan Page on Facebook, but more importantly, she also has an Etsy Shop where you can buy one of these little gems for yourself.

So, thanks for sharing your talents with us, Corinna! We can't wait to see the Birds & Berries dresses, and we'll be sure to tout your mad dress making skills at market.

Julie Rocks (Part 2)

Carrie Jung

Have we mentioned that Julie Sebire of Narioka, Australia rocks? Well...she does...and for the second time, she has blown us away with her awesome project for the Moda Bakeshop.

A few weeks ago we got word from Julie that she would be contributing yet another pattern to the Moda Bakeshop AND said project would be made out of our new line, Flora! And thanks to my new obsession with making bags, I was pretty anxious to check out her Hexagon Flower Bag for myself.

The bag itself is a really nice size. I also love that it allows you to play with multiple fabrics, rather than committing to just one or it a nice patchworky feel!

And after reading Julie's full tutorial on the Moda Bakeshop, I think I may have to add her bag to my ever growing list of projects I plan on starting.

Be sure to stop by Julie's blog, Narioka where she's got many more project ideas and copious amounts of photos for inspiration.

Thanks again for sending these beautiful photos of your Hexagon Flower Bag, Julie! We love that you love Flora as much as we do.