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Botany Backdrop


As I've probably mentioned in previous entries, my roommate in Atlanta was a girl named Megan Kibby, who has since become quite the little photographer.

Her ideas/compositions are unique and off-the-wall and that's what makes them so completely fabulous. The photos in this blog entry (in my opinion) show off one of her more brilliant concepts!

Daniel and Alicia (two of Megan's clients) were wanting a natural/ eclectic/ Anthropologie style wedding, and she thought the fabric would make the perfect backdrop for the photo booth she planned on setting up outside of their reception.

Botany is made up of 5 colorways that all work well together... but these 5 colorways can also break up rather nicely into more specific color schemes.

In order to provide her with options that fit within their chosen colors, I put together the groupings shown below. (They chose the last one.)

Up until now, I've really only seen Botany used in quilts, clothing, and bags... It never even occurred to me that it could be used in its raw form... straight off the bolt.

The result works really well though... The colors play off each other beautifully and act as a nice compliment to the bridal party's coloring!

Basically, the way this idea works is, when guests are walking into the reception, they stop at the photo booth to have their picture taken. They get to hold signs... and make silly faces... and act completely spontaneous. All so that the photos come out with that same classic "photo booth style".

While waiting in line for the booth, each guest signs his or her name into the photo book and writes a message to the bride and groom. Each photo is then placed above that person's corresponding message (see photo above). This idea combines the guest book with the photo booth album... which is really quite smart! Kudos to Megan!

On a side note, you can view Megan's work on her website Out of the Box Photography and Design. I designed and programmed this site for her, which I'm super psyched about! This is actually the first site that I've put together using correct programming techniques!

There are a few additional features that I plan to add to her gallery sections and homepage, but if anyone wants to view her work, that's where to find it!

On another side note, I've just returned from my own sister's wedding this past weekend, which was an absolute blast!

(I'll have photos of the festivities in a later entry.)

The Invitation Saga


Well, it's official. Carrie Jung will be getting married to Jon Clausen on June 5th, 2010... and there are now 85 wedding invitations out there that back up the whole story.

As my wedding present to Carrie, I designed her invitations and took care of all the printing. Carrie headed up the production department and cut, scored, folded, glued, and corner punched each of these 85 invitiation suites (see Carrie below).

Needless to say they took a LONG time to make... fights have broken out... tears have been shed... doors slammed... tv remotes and tape dispensers have been hurled across the living room... It's been a long, ugly journey... but I feel as though the end result has made it all worth it.

Formally worded invitations from back in the day were usually typed in a sappy/scripty font onto a blandly colored piece of paper (like off white or cream...) and then topped off with a sheer vellum flap of paper.

But there's no need to be boring when announcing such a happy day! I wanted this entire invitation experience to act as an emotional preview of what's to come... The envelope contains a branded tag that identifies which item in the suite you are receiving, as well as the recipient's address. It adds an eclectic sort of feel to the set. The first thing you will see when you open the envelope is the Invitation Folder that is folded up and held shut with a ribbon and tag. When you open it, you'll see the invitation on the left, and a pocket on the right that holds a series of cards. They are staggered in height so that you can see the title of each card, right at first glance. The Reception Card contains a map and a set of directions. The Accommodations Card contains a list of hotels in the area. And finally, the RSVP Card/Envelope sits in the very front of this little set. The arrangement of these individual pieces can be seen better in the photo below.

I believe the little details that are added towards the end of a big project make all the difference in the world, and one of these tiny details can be viewed in the photo above. There's a small row of purple flowers that make these invitations especially awesome... in my opinion.

Often times these details lie beneath the radar of the average observer, which is perfectly understandable... but when they do get noticed... everything suddenly becomes worth it. So I want to take this moment to say thank you to my sister's college roommate, Becca Crane. Becca has made the enormous chunk of effort that went into these invitations worth it because when she called to discuss them... she said, and I quote... "I especially loved that cute row of purple flowers."

The photo above is the rehearsal dinner invitations which uses elements from the initial illustrations, but in a slightly different style.

And that's about all I've got... After all was said and done, I really enjoyed this whole process, so if anyone is interested in personalized wedding invitations... I'm your girl!

Carrie Jung Is Getting Married


Carrie is my younger sister by two years, so we were all a little surprised when she was the first one to get engaged...

Those who knew her well, back in her high school years of dating, refer to that time period as her "dumpster diving phase". She dated a few guys here and there, but each relationship ended quickly and tragically for Little Carrie...

Then in the summer following graduation, she began working at Brusters, an icecream shop in our home town of Spartanburg, SC. She became fast friends with her manager, Inbal, and started hanging out with her on the weekends...

It was on one of these weekend outings that she met Inbal's boyfriend, Andrew... AND it just so happened... that on this SAME weekend outing, Andrew decided to bring his brother, Jon, along.

Jon fell madly in love with Carrie... Carrie fell madly in love with Jon, and the rest is history.

This wonderful happy ending was made even happier by the fact that while I was living in Atlanta, my boyfriend, Beau decided to move in with Jon. The two of them later moved into my same apartment complex, and the three of us, along with their third roommate, Kevin, became the best of friends!

So, I suppose it works out well for everyone... Carrie's getting married... Jon was in my "Atlanta gang" so I approve of the decision... my friend, Megan, took these awesome engagement photos (see below)... Beau and I both get to be in the wedding... my bride's maid dress is ADORABLE...

AND... I was put in charge of the wedding invitations! (...or I might have demanded to be in charge of them, but that's neither here nor there.) We've just finished producing her set of Save the Dates and those will be going out tomorrow. (See above.)

And those are just a small taste of the interactive experience that is to come with the invitation itself!

Carrie's wedding is in June and she decided to go with a very natural, garden inspired wedding... I used this organic inspiration as my jumping off point for the design... My first attempt with these produced a wild and crazy mass of plantlife that wound its way across the four page, accordion-fold invitation... But there was something about the illustration's lack of structure that didn't sit well with me. So I began again, and even though I kept the same flowers and vines, I let the structure of the vines take on the shape of an intricate wrought iron gate. Which produced this very structured, garden-themed drawing that we all LOVE!

Carrie's starting to love them a little less, because she's in charge printing, cutting, stickermaking, gluing, and round-corner punching each piece of her wedding invitation suite.