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Dress Rehearsal


I was going through some old blog entries today when I came across this post (that I must have forgotten to put up) about our Quilt Market booth.

Anyway, it made me laugh. So I'm putting it up now... even though its way way after the fact.

This was our very first booth for Quilt Market, and we wanted to make sure that we got it right. So we had a dress rehearsal of sorts in the DRIVEWAY, of all places, a few days before we packed everything up into a U-Haul and drove out to Kansas City. Our next door neighbor, Mac, was invaluable during this whole process. We've never built anything like this before... and so he'd pop over every few hours to check up on us... and lend his power tools... etc.

Actually, this dress rehearsal was very helpful as it turned out, because it took us a couple of different tries... and about 5 hours to get it set up this first time.

When we got to Market though... we felt like pros, as we were able to get it up in under an hour.

Decorating it was a different story. That took the entire TWO days that were allotted for the setup. Perhaps we should have done a dry run of decorating as well. :)