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Table Runner Leaves


Add some leaves to your table top with this quick & easy pattern!

You can find it in the Etc. Section underneath our Free Patterns Tab on our website; just click the pink download button on the right side of the page! Or, you can click on the direct link here!

Writing these patterns has become a very tag-team effort between me and my mom. We design them together. Then she takes the designs and figures out how to bring them to life. She writes up all of the instructions and then emails those, along with some rough sketches, to me. I take these and design the cover art and illustrations. Being a non-quilter... I feel as though I can objectively rate the ease of the instructions... and then add in a little here and there. Additionally, I've spent A LOT of time coming up with (what I consider to be) the perfect illustrations for each step... Because I know how annoying it is to have directions that were written for people with a very high skill level. (I think that if cookbooks would take a similar approach, I might try cooking once in a while...) After the instructions are written up, my mom then tests the patterns for the second time... just to make sure that we have all of our bases covered.

We realize though, that even the most thorough instructions may occasionally sound vague to someone who is new to quilting. So we welcome any comments or questions that you all might come across! Feel free to either post your question here on our blog, or you can email us at and we'll make sure to get back with you right away... as well as update our patterns with any necessary content! Happy quilting!